Conference Programme

Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality

Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin

5-6 June, 2014

Conference Programme



Thursday 5th June



Registration (Foyer, Trinity Long Room Hub)


Official Welcome and Opening Address by Prof. Chris Morash, Seamus Heaney Professor of Irish Writing, TCD (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)



Panel 1A: Cities and Urban Spaces (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair:  Barney Samson (University of Essex)


Alessandra Campoli (Interactive Design Institute, Edinburgh)

‘Toward the Margins: Dark Memories of a Futuristic Megalopolis.’

Annika Eisenberg (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

‘Close Listening: Urban Soundscapes in Manhattan Transfer, Berlin Alexanderplatz and Ulysses.’

Deborah Mutch (De Montfort University)

‘Urban Space and Victorian/Edwardian British Socialist Fiction.’

Deirdre Flynn (Mary Immaculate College)

‘Uncanny Tokyo: The Liminality of Murakami’s Urban Landscape.’



Panel 1B: Liminal Spaces and Places (Conference Room)

Chair: Dara Downey (University College Dublin)


Tracy Fahey (Limerick Institute of Technology)

‘In Between Days; Domestic Liminality in the Work of Aideen Barry.’

Ruth McLaughlin(Trinity College Dublin)

Jumanji and the Architecture of Liminality.’

John Lynskey (University of Nottingham)

‘The Midnight Show: Mimetic Performance and Cinema Space.’

Clemens Ruthner (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Borderline Genre: The Fantastic/Gothic and/as Liminality.’





Tea/Coffee (Atrium/Gallery space)






Panel 2A: Queering Masculine Spaces (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Britta Hartmann (University of Vechta)


Faye Cobb (Florida International University)

‘Post-Gay Geographical Imaginations: A Critique of Queer Space.’

Mark Doyle (University College Dublin)

‘Negotiating Gay Identity on the Liminal Pitch.’

Brian McManus (Trinity College Dublin)

‘In Defense of Traditional Masculinity: Two Househusbands in Mainstream British Television.’



Panel 2B: Performing Space, and Spaces of Performance (Conference Room)

Chair: Johannes Riquet (University of Zurich)


Chris Morash (Trinity College Dublin)

‘The Theatre is a Machine for Making Place From Space.’

Zosia Kuczynska (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Interpreting Between Privacies: Place and Space in Brian Friel’s Translations.’

Pedzisai Maedza (University of Cape Town)

‘(Re)-membering the Cape and the Performance of Belonging(s).’





Lunch (Available locally)






Panel 3A: Spaces/Places of Memory, and Sites of Trauma (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Ian Kinane (Trinity College Dublin)


Paul O’Hanrahan (University of Liverpool)

‘Ghost Stations: Berlin Railways as Memory Spaces in Post-1989 English-Language Fiction.’

Jessica Egan (The University of Texas at Austin)

‘A Higher Form of Stereometry: Hyperobjects and Historical Trauma in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz.’

Eve Cobain (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Somewhere Behind Us: Louis MacNeice’s Spectres of War.’

Kristen Deiter (Tennessee Tech University)

‘Icons of a Nation: Fashioning of the World Trade Center Towers in The Concert for New York City and 9/11 Poetry.’



Panel 3B: Real and/or Imaginary Spaces and Places (Conference Room)

Chair: Conor Linnie (Trinity College Dublin)


Graham Lister (The Glasgow School of Art)

‘Virtually Spatialising the Altermodern Everyday.’

Fiona Hackett (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology)

‘Faultlines: Terra Incognita in the Geographical Imagining of Southern California.’

Chris O’Connor (Trinity College Dublin)

‘I Know How Gods Begin: Examining the Hidden Other Worlds in the Works of Neil Gaiman’.





Tea/Coffee (Atrium/Gallery space)






Panel 4A: Liminal Identities (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Noelle Mann (Trinity College Dublin)


Maria Parsons (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology)

‘Between Spaces: Feminism and the Post-Secular.’

Melanie Otto (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Artists and Immigrants: The Surreal Landscapes of Shaun Tan and Einar Turkowski.’

Cristina Clopot (Heriot Watt University)

‘Liminal Identities of Migrant Groups: The Russian Old Believers of Romania’



Panel 4B: Sacred Spaces and Places (Conference Room)

Chair: Elizabeth Parker (Trinity College Dublin)


Hannah Irwin (Macquarie University)

‘Creatures Betwixt and Between: Fairies as Liminal Figures and the Construction of New Fairy Spaces in Ireland.’

Billy Mag Fhloinn (University of Limerick)    

‘Boundaries and Blood Sacrifice.’

Molly Ryder (University of Exeter)

‘Every Door Might Be Death’s Door”: Dickens, Walker and the Victorian Cemetery.’










Keynote 1 (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Prof. John Wylie (University of Exeter)

‘Eye-Opener: Drawing Landscapes, Near and Far.’

Chair: Dr. Bernice M. Murphy




Conference Dinner (Mongolian Barbeque Restaurant, Temple Bar)






Friday 6th June




Registration (Foyer, Trinity Long Room Hub)





Panel 5A: Dublin City as Space and Place (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Zosia Kuczynska (Trinity College Dublin)


Maeve Casserly (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Contested Commemoration in Public Spaces: How does the Irish State commemorate its war dead? A comparative analysis of commemoration at The Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square and the National War Memorial, Islandbridge.’

Donal Fallon (University College Dublin)

‘A Contested Space: The King George II statue, St. Stephen’s Green 1758-1937.’

Conor Linnie (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Nevill Johnson and the Experience of Architecture in Belfast and Dublin 1934 – 1958.’

Joe Lee (Independent filmmaker/visual artist)

‘Fate of Place in Three Dublin Neighbourhoods.’



Panel 5B: Mountains, Gardens, and Forests (Conference Room)

Chair: Kevin Corstorphine (University of Hull)


Samantha Walton (Bath Spa University)

‘The Living Mountain: Being and Knowing the Space and Place in the Work of Nan Shepherd.’

Dawn Miranda Sherratt-Bado (University of Edinburgh)

‘From the Slave Garden to the Creole Garden:  Topophilia and Diasporic Garden Spaces in Afro-Caribbean Women’s Writing.’

Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk (University of Warsaw)

‘Performing the Transitory Space: Landscape Gardens as Hybrid Objects.’

Elizabeth Parker (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Chaos Reigns: Female Rage and the Forest in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist.’





Tea/Coffee (Atrium/Gallery space)






Panel 6A: Spaces and Places in Conflict (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Sarah Cleary (Trinity College Dublin)


Francesco Marilungo (University of Exeter)

‘From Space of Exile to Place of Identification: Literary Representations of Diyarbakır City in Kurdish Contemporary Literature.’

Adia Mendelson-Maoz (Open University of Israel)

‘Space, Territory, and Border: Liminality in Contemporary Israeli Literature.’



Panel 6B: Place, Space, and Emotion (Conference Room)

Chair: Eve Cobain (Trinity College Dublin)


Caroline Pearce (The Open University, Milton Keynes)

‘Navigating the Liminal Space of Grief.’

Lucy Carr (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Room of Fear: Space and Emotion in the Soviet Communal Apartment.’





Lunch (Available locally)






Panel 7A: Landscapes of Fear (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Clemens Ruthner (Trinity College Dublin)


Sarah Cleary (Trinity College Dublin)

‘What Have We Done to Ourselves? Exploring the Duality of Simulacra and Sanctuary in George Romero’s Undead Narratives.’

Kevin Corstorphine (University of Hull)

‘”An Appalling Slavery to the Dismal Phantasms of their Own Minds”: Dangerous Male Obsession and the Perversion of the Domestic Space in Modern Horror Fiction.’

Dara Downey (University College Dublin)

‘Hidden Cults and Hive Consciousness in the Urban Horror Story.’



Panel 7B: Island Spaces, Places, and Liminalities (Conference Room)

Chair: Melanie Otto (Trinity College Dublin)


Barney Samson (University of Essex)

‘Space and Place on the Interactive Desert Island.’

Britta Hartmann (University of Vechta)

‘Insular Yearning: Life of Pi and its Liminal Island Space/Place.’

Johannes Riquet (University of Zurich)

‘Islands in Four Dimensions: Radical Theories of Space and the Ecological Island Poetics of Pacific Northwest Writing.’

Ian Kinane (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Mutinies on The Bounty: Colonial Re-Imaginings of Space and the Mythology of Captain Cook.’





Tea/Coffee (Atrium/Gallery space)






Panel 8A: The Liminal Text (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Maria Parsons (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology)


Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

‘Letters of Liminality: Print and Cyber Texts as Spaces of Transgressive Desire.’

Lina Iordanaki (University of Cambridge)

‘When the Page is Not a Limit: Spatial Transgressions in Postmodern Picture Books.’










Keynote 2 (Neill/Hoey Lecture Theatre)

Dr. Bernice M. Murphy (Trinity College Dublin)

‘”Cities of the Insane”: The Asylum as Ruin in Recent American Horror Narratives.’

Chair: Prof. John Wylie




Wine Reception/Concluding remarks (Ideas Space, Trinity Long Room Hub)






Saturday 7th June



11:00-1:00: Walking Tour of Dublin

For those delegates who are not flying home until later in the day/weekend, we have organised a free walking tour of Dublin that will visit many of the sites and monuments discussed during the conference. We will meet at the Front Gate of Trinity College at 11am.




* Please note that the Gallery Space includes pieces from contributing artists pertaining to the themes of the conference.

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